Disaster Recovery

There is a lot of talk on how Cloud Solutions make it easier for disaster recovery and business continuity planning.  Let’s simplify what exactly disaster recovery planning is and why a virtualisation-cloud solution makes it easier.

Disaster recovery and business continuity planning begins with a risk analysis. The risks include natural disasters like hurricanes/storms, fires and floods. They also include man-made disasters like a car crashing into a power pole, or IT administrator accidentally shutting off a cooling switch.

A data backup and data recovery plan is a critical factor in determining whether your business survives a disaster! Whether it is a hurricane, fire or virus that has attacked your business, having a backup and data recovery plan is essential to bringing your system back online quickly. Your data is a quantifiable asset, just like a building, equipment, or inventory and just like you would have insurance for physical assets the “insurance” for your data is a solid backup and disaster recovery plan.

Our IT disaster recovery service provides your business with an innovative IT disaster recovery solution that combines the flexibility. Regardless of the server you are looking to protect; whether it be an SQL database, MS Exchange or Sharepoint Portal Server, our Disaster Recovery Service is the right solution for you. Being both application and hardware independent means we can replicate any system running on any hardware manufacturer.

Using a wealth of sophisticated technologies — including application integration, physical-to-virtual recovery, and WAN-optimized replication — entire systems can be restored within no time.