Email Archiving

Easily and cost effectively backup your email on your domain with Axia’s email archiving service.

Protect the valuable data contained within every email box on your domain and free yourself of unwanted and unnecessary storage costs. No need for extra software or hardware, simply sign up for our archiving service and get started in seconds.

And for added security and peace of mind, Axia guarantees that your email service will be replicated across our data centre estate, ensuring that your critical business data is held safe and secure across multi sites.

With Email archiving from Axia you can:

  • Back up all your messages with confidence – all inbound and outbound mail is stored and available to you.
  • Search all of your messaging and locate specific files and messages with our fully flexible and advanced search engine
  • Flex your storage systems without requiring additional hardware and software – as your business needs grow so we automatically grow with you
  • Organise your data – with our archiving service you can effectively arrange, index and manage your messages.
  • Access your data instantly – avoid the traditional delays of tape and disc storage. Search online and in real time.
  • Complying with legal, regulatory and governance requirements
  • Meet corporate requests for data – Legal team need an email? Simply search on line, locate and forward.
  • Give your end users the confidence to manage their mailboxes effectively, safe in the knowledge that their email is fully backed up and stored
  • Rest assured that your data is replicated and safe across our data centre estate
  • Contact us with any service needs 24 x 7

Email Archiving from us is the perfect solution for freeing up mail box overload – effectively and securely.