Domain Registration Terms and Conditions

Nominet Domain Registrations

The contract a Registrant enters into with Nominet when they register a .UK domain name.
Terms & Conditions of Domain Name Registration

The contract between Nominet and our Registrars. Includes the standards and obligations we expect of our Registrars when dealing with .UK domain names.
.UK Registry-Registrar Agreement

The rules for the registration and use of domain names within the .UK domain and its sub-domains. These rules form part of our Terms & Conditions of Domain Name Registration and are part of the Registrant’s contract with Nominet.
Rules of Registration

Rules for the allocation of domain names to schools.
Schools Domain Name Rules 

A glossary of terms used in our various contracts, policies, or Ts & Cs.
Definitions & Interpretations

How we address criminal activity in .UK, .cymru and .wales. This policy is also available in Welsh.
Criminal Practices Policy

Nominet Complains Process

  1. If your complaint is with us, and you feel our Customer Service Team has been unable to resolve your issue or you’re unhappy with our service, please follow the Nominet complaint process.
  2. If your complaint is about a member or your registrar rather than directly about us, please follow our registrar complaint process.
  3. If you wish to complain about data in our WHOIS service, please follow our WHOIS data complaint process.
  4. If you wish to complain about the content of a website, please follow our objecting to website content process.
  5. If you think a domain name is being used in connection with criminal activity, please follow our domain names used in connection with criminal activity process.

Further Nominet Policies

Domain name administration

Domain administration is managed by Axia and unless specifically agreed otherwise, includes the connectivity services Axia provides to you. Domain administration charges (if separate) will be identified in the contract between you and Axia, including those relating to registration, renewal transfer and cancellation.

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