Storage Solutions

Our comprehensive solutions leverage new developments in SAN, NAS, Fibre Channel, storage connectivity, backup technologies and data management software to provide distinct advantages and improved ROI. Axia’s blending of unique technical and financial services help solve complex IT problems with minimized risk, maximized flexibility and optimized use of capital.

Technical design and project implementation services are provided by HP StorageWorks certified or IBM TotalStorage certified technical consultants. The design process includes the examination of optimum configurations and the performance attributes of servers, I/O subsystems, Network, and other components, which are essential to a successful implementation.

This design process may include the following steps:

  • Developing a plan to implement the optimum solution meeting the requirements as established in the technical assessment, utilizing information gathered around such criteria as cluster/SAN resources, integration requirements, configurations, node utilization, and performance data.
  • Developing custom configurations, proposed architecture diagrams, logical diagrams, and/or physical networking diagrams.
  • Establishing milestones and resources needed to complete the implementation.
  • Identifying additional product and/or services needed to complete the implementation by recommending and/or implementing cluster node tuning, design optimization, or reconfiguration for optimum performance.
  • Performing a comparative acquisition analysis to determine the most advantageous way to obtain your SAN solution.