IT Consulting

Axia provides skilled consultants in a support capacity mapping your business processes ensuring that you accurately identify all core needs and find a solution that fits them.

By getting to know your business our support engineers map all business processes, prioritise your business processes so that you can identify which are within the scope of the project and which will have to wait until next time. Axia will help in setting some measurable goals that will help you gauge the success of the implementation in the short-term.

Taking expected future initiatives into consideration, our consultant will translate your real business processes into requirements.

Axia offshore capabilities in India act as a sourcing hub for our IT consulting operations. Our offshore capabilities in India has strong and dedicated technology practice groups, that focus on nurturing talents across heterogeneous technology platforms and tools, ensuring that we are well positioned to serve a wide spectrum of clients.

Our consultants are highly competent with good aptitude and verbal skills and have a proven track record of technology expertise and experience.

Due to our “Right-Size” and business model, we are able to provide services at highly competitive prices without compromising on quality. All our consultants have a vast experience and strong technical expertise and considerable practical knowledge – they are direct employees of Axia, thus, assuring Quality and Continuity in resources.