Bespoke Mobile Applications

Imagine having access to all your crucial information – information that’s currently stored on your company servers or PC… Well Now it can be instantly accessible… right from the palm of your hand!

Axia Computer systems has opened up new previously unexplored channels and dimensions. Previous applications, systems and data can now be accessed live, in real time, on the move, from absolutely anywhere in the world. Thus empowering the client beyond comprehension the ability to monitor and operate their business efficiently.

With emphasis on enabling staff to work remotely, and subsequently providing access to key information immediately, our solutions deliver real value to organisations across all sectors.

Mobile access to email, calendars and basic applications are concepts everyone is familiar with. Axia Computer Systems Ltd, clients have the capability to go well beyond this, providing employees with access to their core applications and data wherever they are.

iPhone Application

Axia Computer Systems Ltd  has expertise in iPhone Application Development, iPhone Game Development and Custom Mobile Application Development.

Axia Computer Systems specialises in the design, development & deployment of successful applications for iPhone and iPod Touch. Axia Computers  have created and collaborated on many iPhone App projects, specifically made for the various industries and proven very successful by various iphone mobile users.

Our team of experts approach iPhone application development in a strategic manner. We co-ordinate with our clients and plan the whole process, from start to finish, the graphic design stage to prototypes. Axia Computer Systems are innovators in concept development, our process involves research and analysis on the scope of the Mobile Application, its USP and its target users.

Anbriod  Applications

Axia Computer Systems Ltd  have a skilled team to develop Android applications. We have been developing Android applications for over 10 year’s .

Android can be used not only for emails, but also Customer Relationship Management (CRM), field service, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), order entry, Internet and intranet access, instant messaging and more. Axia Computer Systems can ensure your Android device will provide you with all the tools and applications necessary to make important decisions effortlessly.

Axia Computer Systems Ltd have expertise in Android Application Development, Android software development and html5 Programming. Third-party Android applications can also be created for the radical tool. Axia Computer Systems Ltd have the expertise and capabilities to build  and develop an ever-expanding amount of applications for the Android user.